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NEW RELEASE! Hear Lauran + Lex's "Amazed" - AVAILABLE NOW!

Get Lauran + Lex’s debut single “Amazed” — Available now on all digital platforms!

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With the debut of their long-awaited single, “Amazed”, sisters Lauran + Lex make a vibrant and sparkling entrance into the world of modern Christian music.

Angelic harmonies fused with energetic synth, guitars and drums culminate in a danceable, pop-infused track that’s as bright, colorful and fresh as its lyrics are hopeful.


Vocals: Lauran Brooks, Lexi Brooks 

Instrumentation / Arrangement: Cory Shuman, Lauran Brooks, Lexi Brooks

Production, Mixing and Mastering: Cory Shuman, Julia Shuman - Little Bird Big Sound

Little Bird Big Sound