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We're calling it the "Everything-But-The-Kitchen-Sink" approach to music education!     


In this 24-session camp, students will learn everything from basic fundamentals to valuable skills such as:

rudiments + coordination

correct hand + foot technique

how to chart songs

how to read sheet music

how to lead a band

how to play with a metronome + backing tracks 


This class is great for:

beginner, intermediate + advanced drummers

worship pastors + band leaders

gigging musicians

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Cory Shuman is a music producer, songwriter, record executive, drummer and educator based in Savannah, Georgia.  For over a decade Cory has taught over 200 students, with great success -- some of his students have made GMEA All-State, played in professional touring bands, and have gone on to march Drum Corp International. He has consulted for Georgia Southern University, Atlanta Quest (an award-winning WGI drumline), and four-time Georgia marching band state champions, South Effingham Highschool Marching Mustangs. He is the co-creator of Little Bird + Big Sound, a recording studio and independent record label that he runs with his wife, Julia, and is the drummer/producer for the band Tell Scarlet. As a drummer Cory has performed on many stages including Hard Rock Cafe and House of Blues, and has shared the stage with a myriad of local, regional and national acts, including Christian worship artist David Glenn, South Carolina-based act, Cranford Hollow, and Ed Roland and the Sweet Tea Project (formerly of Collective Soul fame). 
Cory Shuman is currently sponsored by Heartbeat Percussion and SJC Custom Drums

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During this exciting 24-session drum camp, students will meet with Cory for a 1.5 hour class + workshop, 2 evenings per month, starting in January and ending in December 2018. Classes will take place on Monday through Thursday evenings at Cory's home. 

SAMPLE CLASS SCHEDULE: The final class schedule will be sent out once all slots are filled. 

  1. January 29th, 31st // 4:30 -6:00PM
  2. February 26th, 28th // 4:30 -6:00PM
  3. March 26th, 28th // 4:30 -6:00PM
  4. April 23rd, 25th // 4:30 -6:00PM
  5. May 28th, 30th // 4:30 -6:00PM
  6. June 25th, 27th // 4:30 -6:00PM
  7. July 23rd, 25th // 4:30 -6:00PM
  8. August 27th, 29th // 4:30 -6:00PM
  9. September 24th, 26th // 4:30 -6:00PM
  10. October 22nd, 24th // 4:30 -6:00PM
  11. November 12th, 14th // 4:30 -6:00PM
  12. December 10th, 12th // 4:30 -6:00PM

With registration, each student will receive a custom exercise booklet written by Cory Shuman, and all the gear needed for the course, including:

Practice Pad
1 Pair of Vic Firth drumsticks



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