Brittnee + Doyle


Brittnee + Doyle

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Brittnee and Doyle Hinkle are a husband and wife worship duo from Asheboro, NC

Throughout history, God has done some pretty insanely, cool things. For instance, He used a young boy to take down a giant by slinging a stone, He walked on water in the midst of a wicked storm, and He literally walked around in a fire like it was nothing. He has closed the mouths of lions, parted waters as an escape route, and raised up the actual dead! He has even come face to face with darkness, demons, and the devil himself. And how about the fact that He was brutally killed and then came back to life!

 Brittnee and Doyle’s thing is writing music that creates visuals of God in ways that might be considered to be unusual in modern worship. While this doesn’t speak for all of their songs.. armies, giants, waves, and ghosts are just a few images they’ve used to portray just how awesome God is. But, not all of their songs are deep, dark, or portray God as a mighty warrior. While He is loving, pure, and kind, there is also a side to Him that is mighty, infinite, and powerful- He is the leader of heaven’s army and He fights for mankind. Yet, He is also peace, the Creator, and the Father. Does this not blow Your mind? God is SO MANY THINGS and Brittnee and Doyle have so much to say about who He is.


“The waves may roll, but they cannot prevail

The storm may roar, but You will not fail

Your constant love will guide my sail

Leading me through the unknown”

Brittnee and Doyle are currently working on their very first worship EP, which will be released later this year.
Music is the number one way they know how to express their thoughts and they believe it’s their tool God has given them to reach people for His kingdom. They know music can speak to people sometimes when nothing else can, so they are anxiously anticipating for this album to be brought to life so that they can finally share Jesus with the world through their very own music.